What RavenDB bundles are supported?

We currently provide support for the following bundles (paid plans only):

- Replication

- Authorization

- Versioning

- Cascade Deletes

- More Like This

- Scripted Index Results

- Unique Constraints

- Expiration

- Periodic Export

These bundles can be added during database creation or through the "Manage Bundles" button on the database management page.  Note, once activated for a database, bundles can't be removed.

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    Rommel Villa

    I have a custom bundle I wrote. I am wondering how do I upload, add that bundle, so that I can use it on RavenHQ?

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    Dan Bishop

    Rommel, we are not currently able to support user-defined bundles on RavenHQ. This feature is in our pipeline, but we don't have a firm timeline for when it might become available.

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    Sebastian Claesson Hoffback

    Any plans for adding the compression bundle to the supported bundles?

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