Updating to a New RavenDB Version

You will be notified if an update is available for your database by the appearance of an update banner on the database details page.  To perform an in-place update to the latest supported version of RavenDB, simply click on the update banner:

Updating Versions 2.5 and Below

Most 2.5 databases cannot be seamlessly updated to RavenDB 3.0, due to architectural issues. If your database cannot be seamlessly update, the update UI above will communicate this and will not allow you to update.

Databases that do not support the seamless update option can be manually migrated to a new database using import / export.

The following steps outline this process:

  1. Add a new database, selecting the latest Raven Version
  2. Using Smuggler, export the data from your source version 2.5 database as described in our article How do I export/import my data?. For replicated databases, make sure that you export from your "Master" instance.
  3. Login to the RavenDB Management Studio for your new database. For replicated databases, make sure to login to the "Master" instance.
  4. Navigate to the Tasks tab, and use the Import Database functionality to import your *.ravendump file from step 2
  5. Update your application's connection string to point to the new 3.0 database


  • Any data that is written to your source database after the completion of step 2 and before the completion of step 5 will not be migrated to your new database. You should consider scheduling downtime for your application during this migration if this is a concern for you.
  • Larger data sets should consider using Smuggler to import their data instead of using the "Import Database" features in the Management Studio
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